Where to Eat in Jacksonville, FL

Florida is an epicurean’s deli world, which is popular for Latin American cuisines. Jacksonville is named the seaside river city and well known for fish and seafood. Foodies may include this city on the top of their repository of food trips.

Riverside or beachside restaurants in this city are to be hit first. Some popular cuisines are Steakhouse Jacksonville Fl, Mexican Jacksonville Fl, Caribbean Jacksonville Fl, and Cuban Jacksonville Fl. Do not miss the stone crabs, snappers, chops, rock shrimps, Cuban sandwiches, and Apalachicola oysters. If you are looking for thrifty delights, you may order pies, chomps, Texas-style BBQs, and pizzas.

Stonewood Grill & Tavern

It offers lustrous dining with an exotic seafood menu and branded wine and cocktail. This is a popular grill restaurant that invites with “n” number of steak, fish, and beef dishes. You have a chance to order turf n surf specials like groupers, crabs, lobsters, flounders, and shrimps. Catch the flavored season dishes, morsels, soups, oak grilled salads, hot pot and roasted chicken, and desserts. The tavern offers a wide range of drinks, handcrafted burgers, and unique cocktails of the week, what you would never imagined. You may reserve a party to enjoy fresh and yummy crunches, chops, and desserts with the group.


It is in the top ten of the best restaurants in Jacksonville. It is a friendly and unpretentious French bistro serving Avondale food and local produce. You feel stuffed with delight ordering mussels, scallops, chestnut roasts, truffles, and pastries. They come up with different flavors and creamy texture. While mellowing crunchy sea-salt varieties, you get a complementary taste of bittersweet and saltiness. Chefs turn the items with seasons, yet a palate of scrumptious dishes is before buffs. Some of the top dishes to try are oysters, marinated calamari, scallop crudo, rillettes, tartare, and tortes.

The Tree Steakhouse

As the name suggests, it has the best of steak and seafood varieties, certified black beef, and a range of wines. It is known for its ribs, rib-eye steaks, and filets. It offers an exclusive polished room for guests and parties with a clean and casual atmosphere. This traditional steakhouse has separate chophouses with stylish interiors for private events.

Gourmets may have a large selection of banquet items and enjoy their platters and buffets. They can gobble delicious local sea-salt dishes with exotic flavors and seasons. Oak bar specials in this restaurant are branded beer, white wine, and cocktail.

13 Gypsies

It is a Spanish style chop offering classic Spanish tapas, risottos, market fish varieties, Italian cheese toasts, sausage, and handmade bread. It is a multiculinary specializing in Spanish, Avondale, Asian, Argentinean styles.

It is premier in serving small plates and they win over other bistros with a mix of different ingredients and hard work to yield bona fide country foods. Foodies may hit this small but great restaurant for guzzling hip delicious items. They can enjoy piquant flavors of grills, rice with meat and veggies, and rice with other variations.

Gilbert’s Southern Kitchen and Bar

It offers contemporary dining with normal rates for its authentic Southern food. The mainstays in this restaurant are chicken, fish, and shrimp, though it is worth taking other menu items too. Here you can enjoy variations of flavors with smoked and fried hot chicken.

Those who went to main city and beachside restaurants as well as steakhouses in Jacksonville will certainly recommend food trips to others.