This coast is the Garden of Italy

From Martinsicuro to Silvi winds the Garden of Italy , almost 30 km of coastline on the Abruzzo coast where green areas alternate with crystal clear sea. This stretch, called Costa Giardino , is wild and beautiful, little known, but appreciated by nature lovers, by those looking for a little rest and relaxation. Along the road, where there is also a bike path , you will find several enchanting and very particular seaside resorts , all to be discovered.

The journey starts from Martinsicuro , a modern seaside resort located south of the mouth of the Tronto river. Here ancient and modern mix together giving life to something unique. To welcome you, you will find the massive tower erected by Charles V in defense of the city, able to tell the ancient history of these places. In the most touristic area the bathing establishments alternate with private villas and hotels, further on you can discover a protected area, with dunes and reeds, between the Tronto river and the Vibrata stream .

Continuing further on, we reach Alba Adriatica , one of the most popular destinations on the Abruzzo coast, where entertainment is the main protagonist, with bars overlooking the sea, restaurants, shows and over fifty bathing establishments that remain open all night. The town borders on Tortoreto Lido , a historic seaside resort founded in the early 1900s, characterized by a small town to be discovered, a crystal clear sea and golden sand .

Further on we find Giulianova Lido founded in Roman times and known as Castrum Novum, characterized by a breathtaking seafront and a port where fishing boats and tourist boats dock . Overcoming small wooden bridges you reach the Teramo coast where the coast has remained wild and free from urbanization. Here is Roseto, a small town much appreciated by tourists, characterized by tall palm trees and crystal clear sea.

From this point the coast begins to be even more luxuriant, with thick pine forests leading up to the protected area of ​​the Torre del Cerrano , between romantic lagoons, dunes and ponds . In this area in fact the fratino nests, a very rare migratory bird, which populates the beaches from April to September. The journey ends in Silvi, the pearl of the Adriatic known throughout the world for its natural beauty and tourist attractions.